Electric Vehicle Charging | Cost, Installation, Duration and Maintenance

What is an electrical vehicle?

An EV (Electric Vehicle) is a road vehicle, defined by its ability to draw electricity from an external source (like a wall socket connected to the power grid), storing that energy within its rechargeable onboard batteries. This stored power subsequently fuels an electric motor, aiding in propelling the vehicle.

The future of EVs

EVs were first introduced in the 1800s and met a decline in sales because they had limiting capabilities like low speed, short battery spans etc. Over the years, after much improvement and modernisation, EVs are back in business with more power and long-lasting battery life. They are currently sought after for comfortability and auto driving features while having a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline cars.

Installing EV charging points

There are currently three types of charging points for EVs. Level one, level two and level three charging points. The higher the number the faster the charge and the higher the cost. Level two charging points are recommended for residential usage while level three charging points are used in the commercial industry because it is expensive and efficient. Contact or book us to get an EV charging point installation.

Charging your electrical vehicles

Electrical Vehicles can be charged from any external source that is connected to the power grid. There are many charging points being installed over time due to the increased demand of EVs. Charging points are typically located at gas stations and commercial buildings. You can get a charging point installed for your home as well.

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle

An electric car’s charging duration depends mainly on the battery capacity and the charging point’s power. The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle can be as little as 30 minutes or more than 2 hours. An average electric car equipped with a 60kWh battery requires slightly less than 8 hours to charge fully using a 7kW charging point, starting from an empty battery.

How much will it cost to charge

Charging an EV maybe from £60.00 and upwards. To fully charge an electric vehicle, the cost may vary depending on the charger level and location of the charging point.

How long will a charge last on road

Today’s electric vehicles typically offer a range of 150-300 miles on a full charge – perfect for everyday drivers and those with lengthy commutes. Remember, the battery size and range can vary depending on the vehicle models.

Many manufacturers provide a warranty ranging from five to eight years for their batteries. Nevertheless, the prevailing estimate suggests that the lifespan of an electric car battery is expected to extend from 10 to 20 years before requiring replacement.

Why should I get an electric vehicle

Electrical Vehicles are best bets in the transportation industry to strengthen the fight against carbon emissions and climate change.
They offer us less environmental Impact, lower fuel and maintenance expenses, government Incentives to encourage the adoption of EVs, technological advancements, reduced noise pollution and more.

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