Upgrading Halogen Bulbs to LED Spotlights

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If you’re still in the halogen era, your electricity bills might be staging a quiet rebellion. Using a mere 10% of the energy that halogen bulbs require, LEDs are more efficient in terms of cost and illumination. The UK government, with an eye on an eco-friendly system, banned the use of halogen bulbs in 2021, nudging homeowners toward the efficiency of LEDs. Yet, some stumble in the transition with many unanswered questions and beliefs. This guide answers and explains all your questions about upgrading from halogen bulbs to LED lights.

LED Lights

Which is best for saving cost on bills?

First things first, let’s unlock the truth about potential savings. Picture this: a 5-watt LED matching the brightness of a 50-watt halogen bulb while utilising a mere 10% of energy the halogen bulb requires. Translated to your household bills, powering 10 LED spotlights costs the same as 1 halogen bulb. Crunching the numbers, a 50-watt halogen burning for three hours daily costs around £20.00 annually. Now, imagine the impact when a household boasts 30 of these luminous bulbs. The shift to LEDs waves off this annual spend by a bunch, offering substantial savings, especially as energy prices continue their upward trajectory.

What benefits do you get from upgrading to LED Spotlights?

Transitioning to LED spotlights isn’t just a financial power play; it’s a holistic upgrade. Firstly, LED technology boasts a longer lifespan—around 50,000 hours, twelve times that of halogens. Secondly, LEDs are more robust, surviving accidental nudges better than their fragile halogen counterparts. Lastly, the colour temperature options of replacement LEDs let you tailor your ambiance—extra warm white, a cool blue tone, or a bright daylight effect.

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LED Lights & The Environment

LED bulbs convert more energy into light, less into heat, reducing waste. Moreover, they’re considered non-toxic and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice. Making this transition isn’t just a cost-effective decision; it’s a stride toward immediate environmental benefits.

LED Spotlights & Dimmer Switches

The transition isn’t without considerations, especially when it comes to dimmer switches. LED spotlights come in both dimmable and non-dimmable formats. Always check before purchase. While a non-dimmable switch functions at maximum capacity, dimmable ones provide control for a desired ambiance with reduced electricity consumption.

How to upgrade to LED lights with ease?

  1. Transitioning to LED spotlights need not be an arduous task. Here’s a straightforward guide:
  2. Begin by purchasing a single LED bulb for testing, ensuring compatibility.
  3. Confirm dimmability on the packaging.
  4. Select an LED color temperature suitable for your space.
  5. Consult our electricians for a complete upgrade and guaranteed work.

Tip: If you have dimmer switches, ensure they are compatible with LED bulbs. Not all dimmers work with LEDs, so you may need to upgrade your dimmer switches. This will prevent flickering and ensure smooth, consistent lighting control.

LED Switch & Professional Aid

For those with rocker switches, transitioning from halogen to LED lights is a breeze. If your dimmer switch isn’t LED-compatible, professional assistance is a cost-effective solution. Our seasoned electricians typically complete the upgrade in about an hour, encompassing testing and potential module replacements.

Let’s Help You Complete Your Upgrade

If you have doubts about transitioning from halogen bulbs to LED lights, just give THS Electrical a call and we’d be happy to assist you with step by step guides and transparent communication. We handle domestic and commercial lighting upgrades, offering tailored advice and swift responses to electrical emergencies. Book us online, and let’s brighten your space efficiently and cost-effectively.

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